Parsippany NJ Drunk Driving (DWI) Defense

Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) Defense in Parsippany, New Jersey

Parsippany NJ DWI Defense Lawyers

Parsippany NJ DWI Defense Lawyers

Many clients contact our Morristown NJ offices after receiving a drunk driving (DWI) violation in Parsippany, New Jersey. With major highways such as Route 80, Route 46, and Route 287 all passing through this area, they are a high volume court in terms of DWI violations. Here is some helpful information with regards to a DWI charge in New Jersey and how it might effect you moving forward.

A DWI is a traffic offense in New Jersey, it’s not criminal. If you are convicted of a DWI, it goes on your driver’s history abstract just like a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation. You are not convicted of a crime. It can not be expunged. The legal limit in New Jersey is .08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), thus, if you are found operating your motor vehicle with a breath reading of .08% or higher, you are in per se violation of the statute. An experienced Parsippany NJ DWI defense attorney can try and challenge that breath test based on the Alcotest 7110 machine itself or the process by which the police officers obtained those breath samples.

For example, the police officers must watch the defendant for 20 minutes, continuous and uninterrupted, before the person is placed on the machine for breath testing. The reason is, if you belch, vomit, eat something, smoke a cigarette, etc. these all could effect your mouth alcohol levels and give the breath machine a false reading. In addition, they must remove all portable electronic devices from the room because this too could effect the breath testing instrument. They must also check the defendant’s mouth for any foreign objects because chewing gum, chewing tobacco, etc. would also effect the machine and the validity of the breath test result. They must also use different mouthpieces for each breath sample so that residual alcohol is not present on one of the mouthpieces that is used in the testing.

These are all defenses that our Parsippany NJ DUI defense lawyers will examine when fighting your case. Our experienced DWI defense attorneys have literally handled thousands of DWI cases and our team of lawyers will fight to get you the best possible result in court. Our DWI defense team is composed of the following:

  • Attorney who is certified on the Alcotest 7110 breath testing device
  • Attorney who is certified field sobriety instructor
  • Retired police officer who is certified on the breath machine and field sobriety testing

For a free initial consultation, contact our offices anytime at 201-556-1570.

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